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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 4, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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jersey and for those of us who count on the ns in new jersey being well reported to the rest of us. up next. good morning on this friday. right now in "first look" weather nation driving wind and rain, hail and flash flooding is a major impact on 51 million americans. mental health. new details on the fort hood shooter's statement. right now the right know. what will the public learn from a declassified report on interrogation? david letterman is calling it quits. so he and paul can get married. paula deen's restaurant closers. enand the washington post calls the avenge gers the most grown up movie yet. the weather channel's mike has the details from north
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little rock, arkansas. >> reporter: an ef 1 tornado store through. it was the sound of the storm that woke up everybody up. nearly 7,000 people left without power. in st. louis, the rain came fast and was heavy. flooding streets and stranding cars. >> it's more than what the drainage system can handle at one time. you have the flash flooding. >> reporter: more than 50 million people are at risk for tornados or wind damage. nbc bill is here with more. the severe weather outbreak. is the worst of it over now? >> we're at the tail end. we haven't any tornados reported going back five to six hour. we have a threat, but again, it didn't turn to the big tornado outbreak possible. we got about eight tornados. most were associated with the storm that went to the east of the dallas area. we have the one in st. louis that you saw the pictures of. we had a couple of out there.
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we didn't have any huge one. we didn't have any big, strong tornado that stay on the ground for a long time. we avoided that. this morning we have a couple of tornado watches. we're watching the strong line of storms rolling through mississippi heading across alabama as we go throughout the morning. isolated tornados but wouldn't be big ones. they would be smaller ones. we're getting drenched on ohio river. flash flooding along the kentucky, illinois, indiana borders. heading through greenwood, mississippi, worst over you. columbus, to birmingham to huntsville, you'll see the storms over you. as far as the severe weather risk, a slight risk for tusk lou is a, birmingham, knoxville. we don't have the tornado threat like yesterday. wind damage will be the biggest problem during the day today. >> what of a relief. >> i would say we got lucky no fatalities. declassified. we will get the first look into
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a senate report on post 9/11 cia interrogation methods. tracy pots live in washington. some have called the report shoging. >> reporter: that's what diane feinstein called. she's part of the committee that wants to release it. it's not new. they approved it more than a year ago. but the public hasn't seen it yet. did the cia cross the line using water and other techniques to interrogate terror suspects after 9/11? did it work? is this how the u.s. tracked down bin laden? and prevented other attacks? we may soon know. the senate intelligence committee voted 11-3 thursday to give the pub lake look at the summary of the 6200 page report. >> the results, i think, were shocking. it chronicles a stain on our history that must never be allowed to happen again. this is not what americans do. >> reporter: even republicans
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who voted for disclosure questioned whether this report is accurate. there are no district interviews with the cia or anyone in the bush administration. and no republicans joined the investigation. they thought it was biassed. >> i was never in favor of this report being done. i think it was a waste of time. the general public can make up their minds about whether or not this was done properly. >> reporter: the cia claims the committee accessed information without being authorized. committee chairman diane accused the cia of spying. it's up to president obama how soon the report goes public. >> he would expect the actions necessary to declassify a document like that be conducted in all due haste. >> reporter: however, it may not happen in all due haste. the white house still has to go through and take out anything they think may comprise national security. so francis, it could be weeks
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before we see any part of this report. >> tracy, thank you very much. turning now to fort hood, texas. pictures emerging of wednesday's shooting suspect who officials say killed three people before taking his own life. nbc jay gray is live in fort hood with the details. jay, good morning. what have we learned about the soldier's military background? >> reporter: yeah. 34-year-old ivan lopez, a specialist in the army. military officials saying he was considered an underachiever as a soldier. no problems on his résume during his time in the service. soldiers and civilians are back at the posts here in fort hood now. beginning to understand before anything seem close to normal again. in the wake of the deadly attack. >> we have an active shooter currently on fort hood. >> reporter: investigators and so many in the grieving community continue this morning to search for answers. >> it's hard to understand that
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somebody would be out -- be able to shoot people they work with. >> reporter: military officials believe 34-year-old ivan lopez choose his victims at random after a argument. >> it immediately proceeded the shooting. we don't have that definitively at this point. we have strong indications of that. >> reporter: as the shots rang out -- 33,000 block. >> reporter: a post filled with combat veterans. >> there are several instances of clear heroism. >> reporter: the military police cofronted lopez before he apparently turned his weapon on himself. an army chaplain injured as he jumped to the line of fire. >> broke a window and got them out to safety.
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>> reporter: there were three soldiers who didn't escape the mas consider including sergeant timothy owens. >> because he was fighting for our country. >> reporter: the 15010--year army veteran served in iraq and kuwait but didn't survive ab attack at home. >> to see unspeakable senseless violence in a place where they are suppose to feel safe is tragic. >> reporter: a tragedy investigators admit they may never fully understand. yeah, understanding this community will during the prayer service and memorial for the victims next week. live in fort hood, jay gray. we are learning of a miracle in the ashes after the fire that killed two of boston's bravest in a promise to the widow of one of the fallen. lieutenant wall lash lost his life. hay couldn't find his wedding
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ring. they promised his wife they would do anything to find it. they never took his ring off so they knew it had to be in the ruble. they found it tuesday night at the same time as the wake. they immediately rushed it to his wife. he was laid to rest the next day. the second firefighter, michael kennedy, was laid to rest yesterday. after 32 years as a late night host david letterman announced he's wrapping it up. two months after jay leno saying goodbye. he revealed in 2015 that will be his last year as host. he broke the news to everyone during the taping yesterday. >> it's been great. you've been great, the network has been great. but i'm retiring. i want to just reintegrate my thanks the support from the network. all the the people who worked here. all the people in the theater. all the people in the staff. everybody at home, thank you very much. what this means now is that paul
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and i can be married. >> no final date has been set on the successors in place. we'll tell you who the leading candidates are ahead. to sports a memorable m.i.t. final here. a back and forth battle between smu. put the golfers ahead for good. minnesota wins. now to dallas where some of the country's best college basketball players. they competed ahead of the final fours. they beat the guy and the girls in the 3-point contest. marcus lewis, here he goes. he takes home the slam dunk crown. and a special celebration at the white house honoring america's winter olympics and para olympics athletes. they busted a move or two in
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support of the let's move campaign. pete carroll reportedly set to sign a contract extension with the seahawks. next to the big leagues a cincinnati fan kept the inning alive by snagging the foul ball from st. louis matt adams. the fan is talking smack but winds up on the losing end as the cardinals bet the reds 7-6. >> popped it up. oh, a collision. baker, hopefully, is all right. yikes, that nasty collision for chicago catcher john bakers. chicago beats pittsburgh 3-2. a new exhibit unveiled today at the george w. bush presidential library in dallas. paintings by the former president himself. nbc jenna bush spoke with her dad. >> what do you think it teaches people but in the second chapter of their lives?
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>> i think you ought to live life to its fullest and not retire from life. i think it's you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> you're the old dog? >> i would say dogs. >> and this is the new trick. >> this is the new trick. >> see more of jenna bush hager's interview. still to come american fuse senator attends the wrong hearing. the government's shocking tv ad to get people who text while driving to quit. they can use the confidence the gun gives do you operate as if they were trained in sworn officers of the law. we can understand all kinds of
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time to get down to business. this morning we gate picture of the employment situation. wall street ininvestors are expecting 195,000 jobs. and the unemployment rate to drop to 6.6%. the georgia restaurant at the center of the paula deen scandal is closing the doors.
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the former employee sued dean and her brother, bubba, in 2010 saying the work environment was filled with racial slurs. the u.s. transportation is taking serious measures to cut down on texting among drivers. ad will be disturbing to some viewers. and that's the point. >> smile. smile. this is so easy. nobody likes to be stopped by the police. but if i had seen her texting and driving and given her a ticket, it just might have saved her life. powerful message. some stories making news this morning. a skydiver was killed thursday in arizona while participating in a 220-person jump designed to set a world record. 46-year-old diana's
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malfunctioning parachute was released too close to the ground to allow the backup to open. they completed a essential jump in her honor. tom any lynn cells was put to death in texas thursday after a back and forth legal battle. lawyers for the killer demand the state release information about the lethal injunctiection they would be used. we're asking a detailed two-minute long question in a senate hearing this week indiana senator dan coats released he was in the wrong meeting. he's give a note informing him. >> locations, personnel, et. cetera. under secretary -- i just got a note saying i'm in the wrong hearing. >> oh, okay. this is -- i've got the right room number but the wrong hearing. >> that would explain why i didn't know anything about this letter. >> he's going laugh it off.
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it's friday so we have cute animal video for you. that's a baa boon born in florida last week. he's a -- she's a happy playful girl. who is hot and cold in politics? darth vader rallied for political in ukraine. next. [ male announcer ] the wright brothers started in a garage. mattel started in a garage. disney started in a garage. amazon started in a garage. ♪ the ramones started in a garage. my point? some of the most innovative things in the world come out of american garages. introducing the lighter, faster cadillac cts. 2014 motor trend car of the year.
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into effect july 1st. critics worry it could lead to state sanction zrimss against gays and lesbians. they say it will allow unrestricted practice of religion. and bears little resemblance to the bill in arizona. house speaker john boehner buying ad time. he plans to spend $152,000 for two weeks of tv ads. it's the first time he's airing commercials in his district since 2010. he's facing a primary challenge from three fellow republicans but expected to easily win. chris christie is simmering, hillary clinton is hot. elizabeth warren is sizzling. according to a quinnipiac poll. a war on the massachusetts senator scored 48.6 degrees. hillary clinton next up at 47.8 degrees. congressman paul ryan is third at 47.4 degrees. and governor christie he's
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plummeted to 45.2. can you say burr, it's cold in here? remember the selfie at the white house? as you might have heard, samsung confirmed it had a deal with the boston red sox player. the white house said it objects to any attempt to use the president's image for commercial gain. and the force not so strong with the personal hopeful. the ukrainian internet party held a rally to get darth vader on the presidential ballot. vader's request was denied. perhaps the empire will strike back with the write-in. for the first look at politics. i'm joined by plit koe's kevin. >> good morning. >> happy friday to you. let's start with this. the governor of mississippi signing the religious freedom act into law. supporters stay protect the
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individual of freedom as far as religious for the residents there. critics say it could be used to discriminate against gays and lesbi lesbian. same ring as arizona senate bill 1062. your take similar or no? >> here we go again. >> right. >> i think, you know, it really is what is the bottom line here. while the language of these laws may be different, the outcome could be the same. that's why a lot of civil rights group are weary and opposing it. what is interesting the law is based on the federal law from the 1990s that a lot of civil liberty groups actually supported but now they oppose it because of how the higher courts have interpreted it. that means that special -- essentially a business would have the right under the law to turn away folks coming to their business on the grounds of sexual orientation. so, you know, the writing and the words might be different. again, the outcome very much the
2:23 am
same. >> it makes you wonder where we heard so much about arizona. here it is buried. let's talk about the report from the associated press that the united states secretly master minded this version of cuban twitter signed to undermine the communist government. the white house is down playing this with the press secretary jay carney saying it is not covert. the fact i can talk about it is no covert. what is your take? >> i think what is interesting is the agency responsible for this actually pulled the plug. it wasn't that successful in cuba. but they say, and the government says, they are constantly having undertaking projects to help promote freedom of speech in other countries, but the power of twitter, we have seen, from a social media stand point how effective that is from a political activist standpoint, across the middle east in places like syria and, to some extent,
2:24 am
iran. it's very interesting. it'll be interesting to see if there's other countries as well that the u.s. has done this with. >> all right. we'll hear about it. thank you very much. good friday to you. >> thank you. have a great weekend. coming up. who are the leading contenders to take over "late night" for david letterman? we'll have those next.
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. first buzz this morning. we know kids love their birthdays. you know, it's their special day. >> right. >> but not -- 3-year-old paisley from kentucky. she's three turning four. she will not have it. >> i don't want more.
2:28 am
>> you don't want four? >> oh, no. >> this goes on and on for almost two minutes. the mom is like you get a new car seat. you get a bicycle. >> trying the to get toddler -- >> four is like, yeah. get new responsibilities at four. >> you know. that's like us crying for our birthdays. all right. we told you earlier in the show david letterman announced he retirement next year. search wondering who is going replace him. it was obvious with leno when we had jimmy fallon. will it be craig ferguson? maybe not. conan oh brian comes ahead of him and the red hot ticket of tina and amy. it kind of work. but other popular names, ellen degeneres and larry signfield.
2:29 am
>> i love tina and amy but golden globes. they can make funny easily than that. >> they can't do it that way. great ideas out there. we'll watch. >> jerry signfield is my dark horse. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts now. i phoned him and say it's been great, you've been great, the network has been great, but i'm retiring. >> really? >> yep. >> you actually did this? >> yes, i did. >> wow. thank you very much, and what this means now is that paul and i can be married. >> guess what? after three decades in the late night arena day announcing he's retiring. who does cbs have the eye on to replace him?
2:30 am
more personal details emerging about the gunman at fort hood. the darker mystery remains about what triggered. mozilla's ceo divorces himself after the marriage equality. this is "way too early." hey everybody, good morning. it's friday, april 4th. welcome to "way too early." a show looking for a house band. i hear there's one available. now we've heard david letterman, his studio audience and a lot of people around the country after announcing the run on late night tv is congresswomcoming to an e >> sometime in the not too distant future, 2015, for the love of god, paul and i will be wrapping things up and taking a hike. thank you. thanks, everybody. a


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